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What is the Leaders Forum?

The Leaders Forum is a full day workshop for leaders of growing businesses who want to learn how to manage their growth, hire the right people, and apply the proven strategies and methods that have helped successful leaders grow themselves, their teams, and their profits.

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The information I've processed today alone is more than I've processed over a few years combined. If you are a business owner or a leader at a company and you don't attend the Leaders Forum, I'm not sure how you will survive. It has opened my eyes to how to take my business to the top, and it clarified so many business confusions I've always had. Don't wait. Sign up. It will change your life.

Mac Schlesinger // CEO, Best Seller Listers, Inc.

The Leaders Forum is packed with techniques that the most successful business leaders use to reach success. I meet people daily that would succeed twice as much using these techniques. I can't recommend it enough.

Yossi Gottehrer // Director at YossiG Inc.

I'm a hard-working small business owner. Having attended the Leaders Forum, I can definitively say this is a life changer. The investment is nothing compared to the results. Had I done this 4 years ago, I would be much further ahead.

Solomon Schwartz // Co-Executive at E Custom Wear Inc.

I enjoyed the Leaders Forum immensely. My business will never be the same because of it.

Chaim Ekstein // Owner of CE Financial Services

Wow! After attending the Leaders Forum, I see my role as a leader in a completely different way, and I’m positive that my employees and colleagues will gain from it as well.

Naftali Tessler // Director of Development at Hamaspik of Kings County

The beauty of the Leaders Forum is that it’s all based on real businesses. Meny teaches from his own experience, so his advice is tried and true. Hundreds of businesses have used these same tactics to bring success and sustainable growth.

Shlomo Weissman // CMO, Regal Wings

I had a conversation with an employee that was underperforming, and the only reason I was able to have a productive conversation with him was because we established the KRAs two months ago after the Leader’s Forum. This in itself was well worth the price of the Leaders Forum.


The Leaders Forum took dormant strategy that had laid eggs in the brain, and gave it what it lacked—the heat to hatch and the nutrition to grow! The interactive exercises ensure you walk out with “the will to live” and the power to execute. Thanks is an understatement!

Esther Krausz // CEO, Prominent Logistics Inc.

The tools and mindset learned at the Leaders Forum is fundamental not only for addressing immediate challenges, but for building a stable, and big, future for your business. Plus, both the environment and content make everyone feels at home!

Eli Ekstein // HR Consultant & Team Building Specialist


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